OG Corporation


We are a trading company that offers solutions.


The chemicals division is a core business. In addition to providing information on domestic and overseas markets, this division manufactures and sells a wide array of products, including materials and intermediates, for all items in all industries. Through close cooperation with companies in our group, Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., OG Chemical Industries Col, Ltd., Daido Sangyo Co., Ltd and others, we endeavor to develop products to anticipate our customer’s ever diversifying needs.

Global Network

OG’s Chemical Division has its bases in India, China, ASEAN and USA. OG closely contacts overseas manufacturers and supplies the world’s most advanced materials to our customers.

Major products

Organic chemicals, industrial chemicals, inorganic chemicals, acrylic resins, epoxy resins and basic ingredients for paint/ink, electronic components, urethane and other resins, transport equipment accessories, synthetic leathers, surfactants, food related materials, building materials, acrylic resins and epoxy resins.

Speciality products

  1. ・ Blooming inhibitor
  2. ・ Fungicide/Bactericide
  3. ・ Insecticide
  4. ・ Health-conscious building materials (PAS mold)