OG Corporation


Applying Global Information-Gathering and Advanced Technical Capabilities to Meet the Next-Generation Demands of the IT Industry


The Electronics Materials Division operates in every electronics and information-related field. We specialize in functional color and other techniques that benefit from our long experience in pigment research. We also provide high performance resin and a variety of other essential materials for this industry. In addition to our existing products, we actively develop new products through collaboration with customers. With our extensive global network we are able to meet our customers’ needs worldwide.

Target areas Target products
Information display LCD (Liquid crystal displays), PDP (Plasma display panels)) LED (Light-emitting diodes), EL (Electro-luminescence)
Information printing Electro photography (copying machines, facsimiles, laser printers), ink-jet printers, thermoelectric printers, dye sublimation printers, CTP (Computer-to-plates)
Information storage CD (Compact discs), DVD (Digital versatile discs), IC cards
Information communication Optical devices, optical fiber, optical connectors
Electronic parts Semiconductors, printed circuit boards, condensers

Major products

Alignment materials, color filters, pigment dispersing agents, overcoat materials, anti-reflection materials, toner binder resins, charge control agents, ink, image receiving sheets, dyestuffs, pigments, base film sheets, insulation sheets, electrode materials, resist solvents, sensitizers, near-infrared ray absorbents and ultraviolet absorbents.