OG Corporation

BUSINESS DIVISIONSBusiness DevelopmentDepartment

We strive to create a new business model in various fields, including energy saving, the environment, electricity and electronics, and paper and pulp, beyond the conventional boundaries of business activities.

Energy Saving Field

In order to lay the foundation for a new business model, we propose energy-saving products for factories and warehouses. For instance, we provide solar power generation systems including peripherals, and LED lighting equipment to replace fluorescent lights and mercury lamps.

Environment Field

OG Corporation established a non-conventional recycling technology of hydrofluoric acid waste, aiming to expand this technology into the global market and hence, make efforts to reduce waste and efficiently use resources all over the world.

Electric/Electronic Field

OG Corporation contributes to the development of leading-edge technologies in a wide range of fields, from design and submission, to material development and product sales concerning LED and organic EL.

Enhancement of the paper and pulp business

We are globalizing the paper and pulp business, centering on exports and imports.


OG Corporation produces new business styles in various industries, such as the construction, engineering and primary industry fields.