OG Corporation



OG Corporation is a specialized trading company that sells, exports, imports and manufactures a variety of high value products in Japan and world-wide. Our main products include dyes, pigments, dyeing chemicals, industrial chemicals, paints, raw resins, resin products, pharmaceuticals, functional materials, foodstuffs, machinery and equipment, related software products and real estate leasing.   OG Corporation’s pursuit of new and cutting edge business fields and extensive domestic and overseas networks puts us ahead of other specialized trading companies. OG Corporation serves over 3,300 customers in Japan including all Japan’s leaders in business fields such as chemicals, plastics, paper, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, dyes and more. We have strong established bases in China, India and South East Asia that continue to grow and expand rapidly. We are also actively pursuing opportunities in North America and Europe and branching into new businesses such as clean energy.
Date established January 20, 1923
Capital 1,110,000,000 yen
Address of head office 1-43, Miyahara 4-chome, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
Subsidiary companies 27
Annual sales (March 2015) ¥104.8 billion
No. of offices 12 in Japan
No. of employees 460 (as of April 1, 2018)
Board members
Chairman Hiroyuki Takino
President Eiji Fukui
Director Shinichi Goda
Director Toshihito Takahashi
Director Katsunobu Maeda
Director Hiroo Takemoto
Director Shigeru Kobayashi
Outside Director Toru Haruna
Outside Director Yukio Hara
Auditor Kenji Imura
Outside Auditor Akira Nishimura
Outside Auditor Tomoo Kugisawa
Outside Auditor Akihisa Watanabe
Senior Corporate Officer Tetsuya Fukuda
Corporate Officer Masanobu Furuta
Corporate Officer Etsuo Nakayama
Corporate Officer Hiroto Obayashi
Corporate Officer Toru Konishi
Corporate Officer Seiji Hamano
Corporate Officer Shigeto Yamaoka
Corporate Officer Hiroaki Yamashita
Corporate Officer Yoshitaka Matsuura


Organization chart: pdf download
Results: Trends in sales volume (in units of ¥100 million)