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GROUPDaiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

We engage in material development utilizing the technologies and know-how that have been used for years for high-performance products, including antimicrobial agents, fungicides, flame-resistant agents, fresheners, etc. We are also conducting research on the interavailability of fine chemicals and bio-chemicals, which will support advanced chemistry.
Moreover, in order to improve the reliability of antimicrobial and fungicide testing, we have established the Evaluation Technology Center as an independent division to win contracts for chemical testing.

Corporate Summary

Head Office & Osaka Plant 3-1-11, Kamishinjo, Higashi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka 533-0006, Japan
Phone: 81-6-6328-0500
Fax(Administration department): 81-6-6328-0501

Fax(Development and sales department): 81-6-6328-2160

Tokyo Branch 4-17-19, Chuo, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0021, Japan
Phone: 81-3-3653-1171
Fax: 81-3-3655-9025
Tokyo Plant 4-17-28, Chuo, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0021, Japan
Phone: 81-3-3653-1171
Fax: 81-3-3655-9025
Established June 1, 1958
Capital 150,000,000 yen


Business Description

Manufacture, sale, import and export of industrial chemicals, textile chemicals, flame retardants, paper chemicals, germicides, fungicides, and insecticides.

Our Stance

In order to preserve the global environment, we are committed to the creation of a truly comfortable life.

When we think about the future of the global environment, we have to reconsider what a truly comfortable life is. So far, we have pursued convenience and affluence. But these comforts not lasted long, and have lead to global warming, the disruption of the ozone layer and other environmental hazards. At present, when global environmental problems are drawing attention the world over, we have to reconsider how we conduct or lives and businesses from this point forward. We at Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., take this into serious consideration in all of our business decisions. As inhabitants of this earth, we strive to align our business practices to the benefit of our customers and employees to be in harmony with the global environment.


Not to just make a product but to create quality and enhance the quality of life

This is our guiding principle when we are engaged in developing a product. From consumer goods to industrial products, you can benefit from whatt our technology provides both as a customer and as a citizen of this planet.

Now and in the future, you can be confident that Daiwa Chemical Industries will continue to produce high-quality products that are responsive to people and the earth.


The development of paper chemicals is the key to the pulp & paper business.

Daiwa Chemical Industries’ leading edge R&D continually develops new technologies that are fully utilized when we manufacture paper chemicals.

Our products include paper strengthening agents and dye fixing agents that improve the performance of paper, moisture-proof agents and germicide with new functionalities, and disaggregating agents used for recycled paper. Our cutting edge environmentally friendly products strengthen recycled paper and add to it antibacterial and antimold properties.

Main Products

Dye fixing agents DAIFIX YK-50
Paper strengthening agents ACE-DINE HP-100
Water repellent agents COATSIZER MS365
Disaggregating agents MELCUT FLG, MELCUT AT-80
Defluorescent agents FLUONONE AG
Germicide for antibacterial paper AMOLDEN GR-150
Clearing agents CLARITEN DCV-2
Flame retardant FRAN 2025-B
Moisture proof agents DAIROOF 531
Softening agents CALONER SERIES