OG Corporation

GROUPYamago Kasei Industries Co., Ltd.

Our company is active in several fields: (1) the compound division, which produces functional masterbatches and compounds, including PVC compounds, (2) the extrusion-molding division, which manufactures PC LED lighting covers, composite multicolor moldings, etc., (3) the injection-molding division, which engages in metal insert molding for large products and precision molding of super-engineering plastic, PPS, PA, etc., and (4) the processing division, which undertakes composite molding of metals, etc. Another core division is the planning, development and technology division, which responds to customers’ needs ranging from planning to production. We work hard to become a solutions partner for customers.

Corporate Summary

Address 14463-1, Soo, Shuto-machi, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi 742-0301, Japan
Phone: 81-827-85-0231,
81-827-85-0221 (Sales Div.),
81-827-85-0634 (General Affairs Div.)
Fax: 81-827-85-0543
Established February 23, 1962
Capital 90,000,000 yen
ISO certification July 18, 2002
Website http://www.yamagokasei.co.jp/


Business Description

Main resins used: PPS, PC, PPE, PA, POM, PBT, ABS, PMMA, PVC, PP, PE, PET, etc.

Manufacture and sales of plastic multicolor extrusion-molding products (50–90 mm extruder), plastic injection-molding products (100–660 t injection-molding machines), and vinyl compounds (TEC 67 extruder)

Contract development and trial mass production of functional compounds masterbatches using a prototype high-function twin screw extruder (TEX 30α)

Contract resin evaluation testing by using a heat distortion tester, universal tester and Karl Fischer instrument