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GROUPToa Kasei Co., Ltd.

Toa Kasei Company does business in a broad spectrum of industries including textiles, paper manufacturing, foods and plastics, but we consider our core to be “colors” which was where we began. Making the most of our expertise and experience, we constantly strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in innovation, quality and value while putting the highest premium on human health and on the environment we all live in.

Corporate Summary

Address 401-1, Higashi Hiramatsu, Iwata-Shi, Shizuoka Pref.
Zip 438-0211
Phone: 0538-66-6325 / Fax: 0538-66-5306
Established December 1st, 1971
Capital 30,000,000 yen

Fields of Activities

  1. Sales and export of dyes, industrial chemicals, oil solutions, various solvents and factory equipment
  2. Sales of factory fuels, solvents (heavy oil, gasoline, and other solvents), floor-coating materials (abrasion-resistant floor materials) and general construction materials (heat Insulating materials, chipboards and decorative sheets)
  3. Production, processing, and sales of dyes, pigments (for coloring fabrics and paper pulps), oil solutions for industrial use, synthetic resins, and substrates for mixed paper and pulp materials. Blending and sales of organic solvents
  4. Testing of dyes for textiles and papers, assessment of dyestuff and consultation on dying technologies

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