OG Corporation

GROUPOG Wakayama Co., Ltd.

OG Wakayama (originally OG Corporation Wakayama branch) was established to support dye-related industries with the highest quality dye-stuffs, pigments, and industrial chemicals. The coastal areas of Wakayama, are home for many heavy industrial plants and their related industries. We not only supply the highest quality industrial chemicals to these plants, but also work closely with them on a daily basis, lending our expertise and advice to improve their existing products as well as for new product development.

Corporate Summary

Address 9th floor, Nakanoshima801 Bldg., 1518, Nakanoshima, Wakayama 640-8392, Japan
Phone: 073-423-6266
Fax: 073-423-6260
Established April 1, 1996
Capital 10,000,000 yen

Business Description

Sales of dyestuff and pigments, fiber finishing agents, functional processing agents, intermediates, organic and inorganic chemicals, resin additives, etc.